I get quite a number of the same questions, so I figure why not compile all the answers here for easy explanations.  More will be added over time.  Also, you could just google my name for the answers to most of these.

1.  Do you do photography as a career?

Yes I do.  I have been working professionally for about 5 years and I also have my MFA in photography from SVA.  I shoot a lot editorially, but also am constantly shooting my own work.

2.  Are all the photographs posted mine?

Yes, unless otherwise stated.

3.  Can you critique my work?

Surely.  However, please don’t just link me to your tumblr.  Send me an email at ryan@ryanpfluger.com with a link to a portfolio or some images and would be happy to give you my two cents.

4.  Can I model/intern/assit and so on with you?

Yes, again, please send me a formal email.  ryan@ryanpfluger.com with your request.

5.  What do you look like?

www.ryanpfluger.com - there is an entire series of self-portraits.  Also, google.

6.  Where do you find your models?

Everywhere and most of them are not professional models.