Glamorously Unglamorous

I try and be as honest about my life, whether it be work, personal or otherwise.  The words that follow are ones I often tell when I lecture or get emails for advice.  Everyday I feel lucky to be able to do what I love as a career.  Fewer and fewer people are able to say that and it frightens me that I one day might not be able to.  For now though, I’m one of the lucky ones.  People see that I travel constantly and often get to photograph some really interesting personalities/musicians/celebrities etc…  Yes it’s awesome to meet such incredible people from different walks of life and it took years for editors & publicists to be comfortable enough to hire me to do these kinds of jobs on a consistent basis.  What people don’t see is everything else that goes into making this kind of work.  The conference calls, the 24 hour deadlines, the same day back and forth travel often with long layovers, the hours of scanning/editing/printing, invoicing and promoting, waiting for payment for jobs completed months prior, etc…  This is all part of the reality of the career that others often forget about, especially when aspiring to be a part of this business.  The reason I say this is because it’s often asked of myself & my peers - “what kind of camera/equipment do you use?” or “how do I get to work for so & so magazine” - those are not the questions you should be asking.  You should be asking yourself whether you have the commitment and drive to constantly be making work for yourself, whether people are commissioning/buying your work or not.   In the end that’s what will make you successful.  Creating because you love to create…and not for any other reason.  I’m very lucky to have a fiance who totally understands my career path and doesn’t let my unpredictable schedule affect our relationship.  Having peers who you respect and can bounce things off of is so incredibly important as well.  Being a photographer has made my life exciting and unexpected…but being a photographer is also a business.  It’s a business that needs to be respected and understood for not only the glamorous, but the unglamorous as well.

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